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by Russel the Leaf

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released December 20, 2013

**"Out" contains a sample from 1920's radio broadcaster/comedian Will Rogers**


Thank you to Josh Marre, Michael Doherty, Mom & Dad, Billy Bragg, Andy Partridge and most of all Pushka for giving "Organ Song No. 1" a special ambience.





all rights reserved


Russel the Leaf Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

progressive multi-genre pop music

we have a good time on this site, don't we gang?

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Track Name: What Goes On?
i was late
waking up
i was late for picking up all my stuff
if you knew the morning i had
you wouldnt wanna pick a fight so bad
you wouldnt wanna make me mad

youre supposed to be someone
i dont wanna see
but youre always in my head
never giving it any rest
at the end of the day i still wanna know

what goes on
in your mind
this goes to show
how little time
weve spent
thinking i dont know
should i go?
what if i had my ducks in a row
it would show that this was meant to be
id rather we lose with ease

in my bed
still awake
3 am shes wondering which move to make
she must know i can feel her think
paranoid about getting myself a drink

never once have i heard you say
darling, are you feeling ok?
all i hear is that i look pale and gray
you thought its such a funny thing to say
at the end of that day
i still wanna know


id feel better if i fell asleep right now
in my dreams id be up in the clouds
if youre watching
im not proud
that im walking without you
walking without a clue

Track Name: City Walk
i walk downtown til i could find a place to shelve myself
waiting in the wrong place for my girl
stand til my knees give out and help me sit alone
then you turn the corner and my heart

swells up inside of my chest
and i start to forget what my first move was going to be when we met
thats the thing that i love when im near you girl
things move so easily
let me know if im being way too forward for our taste
i just love to write what i see
best believe i have thought of what well do at your place and i know things

are gunna be
theyre gunna be
they gotta be ok

hop on the train to somewhere else louder than before
holding your hand im so secure
we drink
we laugh
but most of all we never miss a beat
leaving no room to stare at the door

do you wanna know how i feel for you from day to day?
or d oyou wanna know if im feeling ok?
thats the thing that i hate about the distance between
things dont go over easily
let me know when you wanna figure out our little plan
i cant wait to see you for free
just one thing stands in my way
its that i dont have any say
but i know things

are gunna be
theyre gunna be
they gotta be ok

when i fall apart
things react
but when i throw a dart things just stack up
in a bad way
leaving me with nothing good to say

you leave me here
with some old fear to take my hand
you let me know youre putting on a show for all my friends
Track Name: Llama
why so insecure?
where's your confidence?
I know where youll find it
through the cellar door
in the bottom drawer and all the way downstairs

i think youre getting warmer
always getting closer
stick to the former
search around the corners
seems its been beneath your feet

in the eyes of storms
theres a place where they know how to settle down
deep inside your heart
theres a plot of land and thats where they sleep best


it feels like everythings a big deal
but the grand scheme tells me
man was made to steal
at least thats how it feels
Track Name: Untitled II
we werent mean to each other
yet in your sleep you would dream of seperate ways
ill leave just when you say that you and i arent a lie
keep in touch through the phone
you made me see that its worthwhile being alone
ive reached a certain tone
turned to a drone
Track Name: Organ Song no. 1
a suffered city
cold and old
and they wonder why it makes no sense
a little body, with little bones
taught us we could all be friends
and sing together
when everybody really knows what they're doing
and everybody's done with all of their proving
and nobody just wants to hang around

when you can stand on your front porch with a cigarette
and nobody asks, "you're willing to take that bet?"
waddya think I said?

same old city
with little goals
and they wonder how it came to this
i pay the fines
i pay the tolls
and they wonder why unhappiness is oh so prevalent
any day im gonna move outta here
and everybody else will drink all their beer
there wont be one sober soul around


ive been known to unlock the door more than once before
everybody seems to like keeping score
i cant wait to leave you all for sure

a suffered city
cold and old
and they wonder why it makes no sense
Track Name: Lover's Waltz
love is not a tragic play
its how you fill the part
im all choked up and spitting out each line with a broken heart
i said the words i wrote it down
i had to feel alive
nothing could be further form the things i had in mind

its a song for all the lovers
its a song for all the reasons we wont tear apart

i pick you up i drive you round
to somewhere we can talk
telling lies to waste the time
to stay friends while we walk
you said hes gone, of course hes back
why cant you be alone?
you pick me up and throw me down like some forgotten stone

Track Name: Life's Not Easier When You're Small
i heard youre sticking to your plan
i hope it works out, man!
but what i told you wasnt cheap advice
what i told you couldve saved your life
i heard you love your mom and dad
so now i feel bad
about all of the horrible things i said
the things i said behind your back instead

lifes not easier when youre small
and lifes not easier when youre tall
shout out my name and kiss me in the hall
still, lifes not easier when youre small

we started talking bout the time
and how it flies by
how every second goes by naturally
doesnt mean i spent them wastefully
it only means i need to know
if youre not gunna go
if you wanna stay here next to me
dont you see how peaceful we have been?


it sure sounds lucky
but it sure feels right
you told everybody
that im ready to fight
and that i'd stay with you all night
Track Name: Out
time slips through debris
with forced apologies
whimpers follow sighs
from cold, dead darting eyes
leading towards the bigger ups and sadder downs
the girl from out of town
broke my heart again
we slowly turned to friends when i told her

i was forced out today
i stayed there anyway

no one really cares
if you want me there
i was invited
but then i decided there was much more to be done at home alone
here on my lonely throne
king of my expense
i havent made much sense

when i told her i was forced out today
i stayed there anyway
it started out ok, still i had to say
i was forced out today

if you wanna cry all because you lied
save it for the time
when your actions feel like rhymes