Instead of Being Honest We Could Lie and Stay in Bed (but that wouldn't be too healthy for my head)

by Russel the Leaf

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These recordings are very special to me. The music and lyrics together show the listener what I have been going through in my life. This is essentially, the story of a twin.


released December 25, 2012

Written, arranged, produced & performed by Evan M. Marre

-artwork: "Calm Center" by Ray Johnson-

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Russel the Leaf Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

progressive multi-genre pop music

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Track Name: It'll Be Fine Tomorrow
I'm standing on a ledge, where is the end?
I'm gifted and my face is open wide.
I'm almost halfway there, but where are the stairs?
Can I fight this hunger in my mind?

And I can't believe the sun, is shining oh, so low,
It'll be fine, tomorrow

Make it, God, be mine, to get me into overtime,
I need some extra youth to pass me by.
So she laid me on the bed, and told me where to rest my head,
blacking out the voices in my mind.
Track Name: Confident of Substance
I said to you,
You said it too,
You said it straight up to me, baby,
How could i ever thank.
We couldn't try,
If you lied,
you could've lied right to my face and i would cry 'til the end.

There's something strange,
but my heart is engaged.
'n I know, it is wrong,
but there's a thing, goin' on.
n' I know you can try,
cause when you feel so alive, you'll never die.

Baby, you can stay with me, you could be my fantasy,
Baby, you could be with me, you could be all I want to be
Baby, you can stay with me, you could be my fantasy.

before I end up back at home,
Back from a long, hard day of working on my smile at the school.
won't you see me, as I see you,
As a confident of substance abuse at home or in the pool.

I'm laying low,
just so you know.
Cause I might not be home, there's a thing goin' on.
and I know you can try to live with one small lie; you'll never die...
Track Name: Friday pt. II
Don't let this Friday pass me by today,
I want today, don't ask me why.
I can't believe it 'cause I know who I am and I know what I want, and it's the same old thing.
Don't let this Friday pass me by today, tears for my brother, and tears I cry. (Tears for my mother, and tears I cry)

If you love somebody, you should know somebody who can take care of you when you get hurt.
If you love somebody, then don't tell nobody.
Time and time again I'm repeating the same old sin.

Don't look back on old change speed through time,
Let my soul unravel from your vine,
Lift me up to show you things of mine, thing of mine.

Have you ever seen the days walking through your brain and past your mind?
I couldn't have chosen a place better to describe and capture our time.
Have you ever seen my face walking around with anything but a frown?

There is something new that we haven't found.
I can't wait to go with you and find out what it's all about.
If I can help to chose with what we do today, I say, "Let's make a memory" and you just say, "Okay".

Underneath the table wasting time,
Thinking thoughts that don't relieve my crime,
Lift me up so I can ease my mind, a peace of mind.

Have you ever seen my face walking around on a Friday night without a frown?
Track Name: Unlike, My Brother
Unlike my brother,
I don't take care of the things that I love and it makes me sad.
Unlike my brother,
I don't think I can live on my own without my best friend...
Unlike my brother,
and sister and mother,
things have been different since I broke down, but I'm focusing, in time.
I'm under the water,
please leave me under,
But don't forget to poke your head inside to make sure I'm alright.

Though it hurts me so badly, in the offscreen you can't touch me through this different girl.
Month is changing; time for vacation. This is oddly like the last one.
I'll take you with me to the offscreen.

Don't remind me that I gotta change yet,
Don't even think about telling me what to do.
In the offscreen, we've been living like the kings we ought to be in this month of break.