POP ROCKS: The 4 Track Months

by Russel the Leaf

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This is a compilation of sorts, not necessarily an album or even an EP. This is what I've been working on using an AT-RMX 4 track cassette machine while waiting for my new full length "The Gary Matters" to be mastered and pressed on vinyl! these songs are random and fun!


released January 2, 2015


tapes available soon(ish!)



all rights reserved


Russel the Leaf Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

progressive multi-genre pop music

we have a good time on this site, don't we gang?

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Track Name: So Close
I found a place where we could dance
we'd giggle with a favored glance
in my head its all for real
in my head this is how you feel

were far apart but so damn close
no fingertips, no little warm nose
i come up fast
i come up strong
but fall so much harder
help me
help me pick a winner

so close
i could almost taste it

i found a place where we could rest
rest ourselves from dancing our best
a little room
with little beds
lay in our own then push em together so we dont feel so alone
I wait for the time when you call on the phone

we were so close
I could almost taste it
so close
so close
i could always fake it
so close
so close
Track Name: I Never Get to Sit Down at a Piano
I never get to sit down at a piano
but when i do it sounds like this

every chord i try seems to get me high
ever chord i love doesnt sound as good as i want it to sound for everyone...
who's ever sat down at a piano
and came up with something like this
but this time its my turn to play the piano
and bang out some chords with bliss

every chord i try seems to fly right by
every chord i love doesnt sound as good as i want it to
yea i want it to sound good 4 u!

"how do you play the piano so well?"
"how do you play so fast? I cannot tell!"
"how do you focus on things in the room, or the chords taht aren't oin the tune?"
Track Name: Man, I Shoulda Kissed That Girl
Man, I shoulda kissed that girl
I don’t want her to be alone
I don’t want her to be with anyone else but me
Now, I could call her on the phone
to find out if we are in that zone
I wanna see if my anxiousness looks good one me

I could talk forever
but you’re moving
are you groovin on me?
is it just my thinking, or were you drinking on for you and one for me?

I wanna pick you right up
gotta get to your level
put me on a little chair like I know you won’t
I don’t like my words and I don’t like my timing
but you make it easy to talk

Sayings going on and on
just to laugh and carry on
gotta get to the part where we both get one last chance
but since I’ve always been alone,
its been hard to find a chatting tone
i dont stress all you do is tell me you like to dance

is the party over?
no, its starting!
on the porch were two fast friends
but theres something else there
at least for me there’es your pretty teeth and pretty hair
Track Name: Table
they sit around a table
playing a big game for six people
i dont think i could fit at that table
but make sure to invite me
so i can just decline and think up stories in my head as I dream of that table

singing sort of softly
singin bout the people at the party
they hear me but i know they dont listen
i listen for the footsteps
up the stairs and on the door theyre knocking
i dont think i could sit at that table

theyre party people all the time

pull me down the staircase
pull me out a chair
think of singing
think of everything thats not there at this table
their masks are on; theyre fighting
but smiling all the while
keep it wrapped up
keep it locked up tight
i hate this goddamn table

i wanna feel comfortable
assume i am comfortable
i wanna feel comfortable
Track Name: 3 Ways to Comfort New/Old Me
where are you going
can i come there with you?
would it be easy to make this a trip for two?
how many hours do we get to spend alone
kissing and tugging; your lips are sweet on the phone

i know you want me
i know you know 3,

3 ways to comfort old me

if you want me to i could laugh with you
we could drink away every small problem or clue
theres no problem here
were just happy so
i think ill be alright

how was your drive in?
did your skill get in tune?
"im leaving at 7, guess i better stay til noon"

can a jar, scott free
with follow up feelings
live and learn with me

3 ways to comfort new me

i could laugh with you if you want me to
we could drink away every small problem or clue
whats the problem here?
am i speaking clear?
did i waste a beat thinking of music?
so, you dont notice
or you dont mind
its just phase one anyway
we spent the night pining for just one kiss right here
come to think of it
i think ill be alright

youre keeping all your secrets
but theyre out in the open
we share this open space alone
referring to your lover
he said hes only kidding
i wonder why hes in your zone

old ways to comfort new me