Janitor Boy

by Russel the Leaf

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released by Sleeper Records on cassette tape
buy it from them here --> sleeperrecords.bandcamp.com/merch


released March 3, 2017


• except where noted below •

katie bennett sings on "holdin' out”

josh marré sings on "holdin' out" and plays dobro, also helped with arranging. also, plays lead electric guitar on "i wish that i could still get high"

meg mccauley sings on "icloud"

mike doherty sings and plays iphone on "icloud"

kyle yagielski plays trombone on "icloud", and trumpet on "lil baby blue”

"main drags" written with matt griffin

patricia marré sings on "jogging and walking"

mix assistance from josh marré, sam skinner, mike doherty, meg mccauley, mike dvorscak and dad

artwork by meg mccauley

mastered by mike dvorscak



all rights reserved


Russel the Leaf Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

progressive multi-genre pop music

we have a good time on this site, don't we gang?

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Track Name: I Think I'm Gunna Write a Good Song Today, Oh God
i think im gunna write a good song today, oh god
i think the main characters driving a solar car
she's going to a town where there's lots of toys and bars
when the opposites attract ill be showing up in her stars

what is the matter?
what is the matter?

i think im gunna write a good song today, oh god
i think the main characters driving a stolen car
he took it from a lot where he lost his little dog
got no furry little friend, but he's got a new big hot rod

what is the matter?
what is the matter?
Track Name: Holdin' Out (feat. Katie Bennett)
holdin' out, holdin' out to see you girl
waitin' out, waitin' outside in the dirt
i wanna leave ya just one message, i dont hear the beep

pullin' out, pullin' out my heart again
full of doubt, i wander 'round your yard again
i ask you to dance, ask for one more time to hear you sing
i wanna be your best friend again, it's my favorite thing

oh why?

if you want me to leave, you shouldn't ask me to stay
do you want me back again?

little things, little things around my room
that i put away, i put away because of you
don't wan't that to hurt you at all that's just what i did
i keep em in a neat and safe place underneath my bed

oh why?

if you want me to leave, you shouldn't ask me to stay
if it's a matter of time, when will you take me back today?
Track Name: iCloud (feat. Slow Ref)
everybody's waitin, waitin for the page to refresh
everybody's watchin ,everybody's watchin the nets
feel the heater hummin, get that robot off of your lap
everybody's watchin their favorite tv shows on the cloud

everybody's workin, workin for the man on their right
wish it was that woman, the level-headed keep it real type, uh huh

get your nose out of the iphone, out of the dumb phone, too
im as much a culprit of keeping my toes in the tubes
Track Name: Lil' Baby Blue
"i know you got a little lovin in your heart
and i know you got all of the very best parts"

"theyre the best that i can do, and i did em all for you my lil baby blue"

"i know you left a little present in my car
and i know, you did it for a reason that's smart, uh huh
it makes me think of you, did it do what you wanted it to my lil' baby blue?"

"that's the best that i can do, and i'll do it again for you, my lil baby blue"

"look at me im on the stage
singing it all by myself
isnt there more i can do?
give me just a little chance"
Track Name: Main Drags
when you were gone away
simply put on my cheek you land the kiss, stick the landing
in the other dream i thought you were my friend but now im glad we're at love

always a will to be simply done, in the backseat
brush it off, hold the big hand
right away i saw you on the tube
i like it too so you shed a tear

want to believe that you have wonderful teeth
open up show you're friendly
grossly put, i take it back
do you still wanna hang out on main drags?
Track Name: "I wish that I could still get high and not freakout"
me oh me oh me oh my i wish that i could still get high and not freakout
when you text me right away it makes me wanna blow the smoke away from my mouth again
out of eric's smelly room and into what i thought was doom and gloom all along
this is very new to me, i started saying yes you see, and now im in your bed, uh huh

n' love it dont feel wrong
n' love, dont it feel strong

i can get fucked up myself, just put me on my little shelf and watch me do my dance
jameson and 20 bucks of jukebox time'll give me my best pool cue poppin' hand, uh huh

n' love, should i feel wrong?
i ask cause you do it all the time
my pitcher equates me to your bong, is it funny that i said that?
Track Name: Jogging and Walking at the Same Time
we were standing and walking at the same time
outside the rock show bumpin, that seemed alright
cut to, where water's fucking up your hair
that's all i got
you like the bands that i once liked, and that's just alright

cut to, we're walking in the may-time air
i love it all
but, most of all
we were jogging and walking at the same time